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Fritŋ frm di ist 

Fritŋ - Sa Lon in Kapital Siti


Tokε Bich

Tokeh Beach along the Freetown Peninsula

Babadori Wɔtafɔl


The Purpose of the Sa Lon Krio Website

Krio is one of those indigenous languages around the world, that are in grave danger of becoming extinct. Although it is the lingua franca of Sierra Leone, very few of its speakers know how to read and write it correctly. As such, it has been open to a lot of misuse and abuse in terms of writing and reading it. Therefore, in order to standardize the writing and spelling of the Krio spoken in Sierra Leone and the diaspora, Esme James and others decided to create a platform where the language can be taught in very simple lessons. That being the main purpose of Salon Krio, this website,, which is designed to be an authoritative source on the writing, spelling and use of the language, was created.

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Di pɔpoz ɔf di Salonkrio wεbsayt

Di Krio laŋwej na wan f dεn netiv laŋwej dεm na di wl, we wi go sun ls ltogεda.  Ivin do bku Siyaralonyans εn da pipul dεm de tk am as di kmn laŋwej na Salon, bku f dεm pipul de n sabi rid εn rayt am krεkt wan. Na im mek di laŋwej naw dn sfa na bku pipul dεn an. Na im mek yu go si l kanaba spεlin we pipul dεn js de translet dayrεkt frm Iŋlish, εn lman gε in yon spεlin. Dis n to gud tin at l. So na dat mek Esme James, εn sm da pipul dεm disayd f kam togεda εn mek wan wεbsayt we pipul dεn kin go lan f rid εn rayt di laŋwej gud gud wan, so dat wi n go ls am, tide tumara. Dis na di men risin we mek naw wi dn gεt Salon Krio εn wi gεt wεbsayt we nem 

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