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The Founding Members of Salonkrio.Com

Esme James, together with some other advocates for teaching and learning how to read and write Sierra Leone Krio, have developed this platform in order to bring greater visibility to the language. No longer should anyone (including Sierra Leoneans), continue to think that Krio is not a language. We believe and are advocating that Krio should be widely spoken, written and read. It is neither broken English, nor pidgin or patois, as many erroneously think. It is a language in its own right, with its own orthography, quite distinct from the English Language.

The members of this project, from Sierra Leone and abroad, are all dedicated to saving our language which is also the lingua franca of Sierra Leone. They are also passionate about getting the next generation (our children and grandchildren) to learn the language in its entirety, including its culture and traditions that make the people unique.


We have set up this website to correct the many inconsistencies in reading and writing the language. We believe that if the language is not properly written down for posterity, much of the original would sadly become extinct or, at best, we would be left with a mere shadow of what the language once was.

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Di wan dɛm we stat dis Wɛbsayt

Esme James, ɛn sɔm oda advoket dɛm, we biliv se ɔlman fɔ lan fɔ rid ɛn rayt di Krio we dɛn de tɔk na Sa Lon, na dɛm kam togɛda fɔ mek dis wɛbsayt, so dat pipul dɛn ɔl oba di wɔl go no bɔt di langwej. Dɛn wan we nɔ no, kin tink se Krio nɔ to langwej. Sɔm kin se na pijin ɔ pigin Inglish, ɔda wan dɛn kin kɔl am brokɛn Inglish, ɛn ɔda pipul si am as sɔm kayn patwa. Bɔt, nɔn ɔf dɛn tin ya nɔ kɔrɛkt. Krio na langwej in in yon rayt, as we kin se. Ɔldo in vokabulari kɔmɔt frɔm difrɛn langwej dɛm, I gɛt in yon ɛksprɛshɔn ɛn in yon we fɔ spɛl wɔd dɛm, we difrɛn frɔm aw Inlish ɛn ɔda langwej dɛm de spɛl.

Di pipul dɛm na dis projekt dɛm kɔmɔt ɔl oba di wɔl, no to Salon nɔ mɔ. Di wan tin we bring dɛm togeda na di dizaya fɔ sev dis langwej we na ɔlso di langwej we kɔmɔn to most Siyara Loniyans dɛm; na im dɛn de tɔk amɔng dɛnsɛf, ɛnisay we dɛn mit. Na dat mek dɛn wɛbsayt maneja ya so, dɛn wan tray bad bad wan fɔ mek dis jɛnareshɔn ɛn di wan dɛm we go kam afta, lan ɔltin bɔt di langwej, ɛn di kɔlchɔ ɛn tradishɔn dɛm we mek Krio pipul dɛm difrɛn.

Wi dɔn sɛt ɔp dis websayt so dat wi go tray fɔ kɔrɛkt ɔl di rɔng we, we pipul dɛn de rid ɛn rayt di langwej. Ɔlman no se, most pipul we de tɔk di langwej, nɔ sabi rid ɛn rayt am. Di wan dɛm we de rɔn dis wɛbsayt dɛn kɔnsan na dat, if dɛn nɔ mek shɔ se ɔlman rayt di langwej kɔrɛkt wan ɛn sabi fɔ rid am wan de, i go lɔs pata pata, ɔ wetin go de, go so difrɛn frɔm wetin fɔstɛm krio pipul dɛm bin lɛf gi wi, dat i nɔ go tan lɛk na di sem langwej.

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