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The vision of Salon Krio is to see all Sierra Leoneans at home and in the diaspora who already know how to speak Krio, learn how to read and write it as well, the correct way. That way, it will become a vibrant language that will enable Sierra Leoneans to write poems, short stories, plays, books and even publish newspapers in their mother tongue or lingua franca. This vision can be achieved when Krio is taught and studied in schools, from kindergarten up to university level.


The mission of SalonKrio is to help Sierra Leoneans, and anyone else, who want to learn to read and write the Krio language to do so correctly. This language is what gives Sierra Leoneans our identity and we believe that anyone who can speak the language should also know how to read and write it so that we, our descendants and generations yet unborn, will be proud of what God gave us. To meet this mission, we will also raise funds to help those who want to translate or write anything in Krio.

Salon Krio in vishɔn na fɔ si se ɔl Salon pipul dɛm, usai ɛva dɛn de na di wɔl, sabi fɔ rid ɛn rayt Krio gud-gud wan. Sins Krio na di fɔs langwej fɔ plɛnti Salon pipul dɛm, ɛn na di kɔmɔn langwej we ɔl Salon pipul dɛn de yuz, ɔl man sabi tɔk am, bɔt dɛm nɔ sabi rid ɛn rayt am. Wɛn ɔlman sabi rid ɛn rayt Krio, dem go ebul fɔ rayt plɛnti tin dɛm we oda pipul dɛn go rid ɔl oba di wɔl. Di only we, we dis go apin, na wɛn dɛm bigin tich Krio na skul frɔm nɔzri ɔl di we to ivin  univasiti.



Sa Lon Krio in mishɔn na fɔ ɛp Sa Lon pipul dɛm, ɛn ɛnibɔdi we wan lan fɔ rid ɛn rayt di Krio langwej, fɔ du so di kɔrɛkt we. Dis langwej na in gi wi wi aydɛntiti ɛn wi biliv se ɛnibɔdi we sabi tɔk am fɔ sabi rid ɛn rayt am so dat wi, wi pikin ɛn granpikin dɛm, ɛn gɛnareshɔn yɛt ɔnbɔn, go prawd ɔf wetin Papa Gɔd gi wi. Wi go ɔlso de rez fɔnds fɔ ɛp dɛn wan we go wan translet ɔ rayt ɛnitin na krio.

  Salon Krio Projects

1. Dictionary Project - develop an abridged version of the Krio - English dictionary as a well as a children's dictionary for use in schools.
2. Training Project - develop a training program for Krio speakers who wish to learn how to read and write the language correctly.

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