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     A   a

In Krio, wherever, 'a' appears, the sound is always, 'a' as in, 'at'

at an   as mama   papa af  laf   haha   man Mandɛla ba    Barak na wa



a wan drink wata.

a wan cham kasada.


ad - 1+1= 2.

ad wan + wan = 2.

lan wan + wan na 2.


In Krio, there are no double letters in any word.

ad - only one, 'd'.


 A  a

a as in as, an,  at

laf  😄

Klap   👏🏽

sta  ⭐

flag 🏳️

at    ❤️


a na a.   nɔto ar.   nɔto r.  nɔto ah.  na, 'a' nɔmɔ.


Let's practise reading sentences with words in which the only vowel used is, 'a '.


Aba, kam ya.  waka fas fas.  Kam waka na ya.  waka pantap da mata yanda.  Aba wan waka pan da mata. Kam, Tamba.  kam ya.  na af pas wan naw.  waka kam na ya.

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