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Lan Fɔ Rid  ɛn rayt Krio wit di alfabɛt dɛm

Consonant sounds in Krio are the same as in English:

 b d f g h j k l m n p r s t v w y z

Krio vowels are: a e i o u ɛ ɔ

Every Krio letter has its own sound that does not change. This means one letter is one sound and it is always the same sound.

Vowels                                                      Krio                                                                                                                                                                      

a – as in at                                                 at

e – as in eight; hate                                 et

i – as in it; eat                                           it

o – as in oh                                               got

u – as in pull                                             pul

ɛ - as in eh                                         bɛt/gɛt 

ɔ - as in or                                                 bɔn 


We also have:

aw as in kaw (cow)

ay as in day (die)

ɔy as in bɔy (boy)


Krio does not have the letter ‘c’. Every ‘c’ becomes ‘k’. For example, ‘cow’ becomes ‘kaw’; ‘corn’ becomes ‘kɔn’.

The letter ‘x’ becomes ‘ks’ as in ‘aks’ (axe).

We also have ŋ. We find this in words like: Fritɔŋ (Freetown), tɔŋ (tongue) and kiŋ (king).

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